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Challenges Encountered by Unrepresented Accident Victims

Have you been in an accident with a truck?
If you fail to secure the help of an experienced truck accident attorney, there are several hurdles that you will have to surmount in order to obtain the just compensation that you deserve. A seasoned attorney is familiar with what needs to be done in order for you to overcome the obstacles that can put your case at risk. Some of the issues that you will need to be aware of concerning litigation involving a truck accident include:

Determining the source of the cargo.
Dealing with truck drivers who lie.
The policies of big insurance companies.
Trucking companies that are self-insured.
The burden of proof the plaintiff bears.

Here is some detailed information on each of these potential hurdles.

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Determining the source of the cargo

It is possible that the cause of your accident was the cargo that was left lying in the road long after the truck that was hauling it had left the scene. When this takes place, it can be incredibly challenging for inexperienced attorneys to determine the source of the cargo, and basically impossible for someone with no legal background. In order to determine the source of that cargo, or to identify who to take legal action against, you have to first be able to track down the truck that dropped the cargo.More on this website about “Car Accident Lawyer San Antonio
These kinds of cases occur frequently. Cargo often comes loose from a flatbed trailer without a driver even knowing what happened. There are other times that the driver is well aware that the cargo has fallen, but chose not to take the time nor make the effort to try and make sure the cargo was cleaned up, either by calling the police or taking some other action. A flatbed trailer accident attorney, however, can help you determine the source of the cargo that caused the accident that injured you.

Dealing with Truck Drivers who Lie

Truck drivers who lie concerning the cause of an accident can be just as formidable a threat to your case as flatbed trailers can be to other motorists on the road. If a driver is found to have caused a flatbed trailer accident, he or she will likely be fired. With that kind of black mark on his or her record, that driver will find it very difficult to find another job. Considering the state of the economy, it is easy to see why an otherwise trustworthy person would stoop to this kind of desperate act. However, this lie, if successful, will come at the expense of your case, because the blame will shift from the driver to you. More here about car accident Lawyer

But there are many ways that a seasoned and skilled flatbed trailer accident attorney can uncover the lies of a truck driver and ensure that your case is saved. The first way is through collecting vital evidence that can prove the trucker is lying. For instance, in one of our recent cases, we were able to secure surveillance footage from a nearby business’ security camera in order to prove our client, contrary to what the trucker claimed, was driving with his headlights on. Secondly, our attorneys can often reveal the truth through a deposition. In a deposition, an attorney is allowed to ask questions of the other side’s witnesses prior to the trial commencing. A skilled attorney can, by asking the correct questions, compel a witness to tell the truth or expose a witnesses’ attempt at telling a lie. The flatbed trailer accident attorneys with our Law Office have taken thousands of depositions. We will do whatever is necessary to ensure that the judge, jury, and insurance company completely know your side of the story.

Speeding Ticket Attorneys

Speeding Ticket Attorneys

I had my car on cruise control. I saw that it said 75. I always go that speed in this particular area of Texas, otherwise, you’ll get run over. So the officer wouldn’t hear of it. He said I was doing 83. There’s no way. My uncle suggests that I go to my car dealership and verify the cruise control is working fine. Once that’s verified get it in a letter form and send it along with a written declaration to the court.
I called the traffic clerk’s office. She didn’t seem very helpful at all. She said, “well they may not even look at your letter, but you can try.”speeding ticket attorneys
I still want to plead that I’m innocent of going 83. But I’m guilty of going 75 for sure. I’ll gladly pay that fine. The court date is December 22. I will be long gone from here by then. I’m moving in December back East with my wife. So it seems written declaration is my only option. More about Speeding Ticket Attorneys San Antonio

Ticket cost? 60.00 The state is cracking down hard and ticket prices range 60.00 on average and up. Gone are the days of 0.00 tickets here. I would also like to appear in court because the judge usually lowers the fine. This is horrible and I don’t know what to do! I requested an earlier court date and they don’t have one. I’m very scared!
I had the speedometer set at 75 because the speed limit was 75 for a while. We were on a long trip back. It had just dropped. I’m not denying I broke the law here people. All I’m saying is I was going 75 not 83.

What if I Lose My Personal Injury Lawsuit?

What if I Lose My Personal Injury Lawsuit?

If you’ve never been involved in the legal process before, the idea of losing a personal injury case and then appealing the judgment can seem daunting. Is it even possible to file an appeal in your situation? If so, how? How do appeals work? Will it mean you will have to go through a trial again?

These and many other questions are very common when people lose a personal injury lawsuit. Though you should always speak to your attorney about the possibility of appeal, here is some basic information you can use to help you get a better understanding of how appeals work.accident attorneys - appealing a judgement

Deciding to File a Personal Injury Appeal

Let’s start with an example. Let’s say that you suffered an injury after slipping and falling on private property. You then sue the property owner because you suffered an injury that required you to pay for extensive medical care, treatment, and rehabilitation costs. You filed your case, engaged in settlement negotiations, and when those negotiations didn’t work, you went to trial. After presenting your case the jury ruled against you. Now what?

Now, you have to decide if you want to file an appeal. An appeal, unlike a trial, doesn’t involve either you or the defendant presenting evidence. Instead, when you file an appeal your lawyer will file what is known as a brief. In this brief, the attorney will argue certain legal points. Depending on the kind of case you have, your attorney might, for example, argue that the trial court judge made a mistake when he ruled that certain evidence was or was not permissible.

The key distinction here is to know that if you file an appeal you are essentially making an argument with a different court that the trial court made a mistake.

Appeals Lawyers

Depending on the circumstances of your case and the legal questions involved, you might not use the same attorney you had when you went to trial. Some attorneys specialize in personal injury trials and settlement negotiations but don’t handle appeals.

On the other hand, some attorneys specialize in researching, writing, and arguing appeals before appellate courts. Whether you should use your current attorney or find another lawyer to help with the appeal is something you’ll have to decide.

Appeal Outcomes

Because an appeal is not a trial, you might be wondering what an appellate court can do for you. There are three basic outcomes that can usually result from the case of an appeal.

Affirm. When an appeals court hears a case and decides that the trial court did not make a mistake, it will affirm the trial court’s decision. This means that the appeals court will not do anything to change or modify what the trial court decided.
Remand. In some situations, the appeals court will determine that the trial court used the wrong legal standard when making a decision. When this happens, the appeals court can remand the case back to the trial court, essentially ordering a new trial or a new part of a trial.
Reverse. If the appeals court agrees with you and says the trial court made a mistake, it can also reverse or overturn the trial court’s decision and rule in your favor.

Of course, the outcome that you might be able to achieve with your personal injury appeal is not something you will be able to determine on your own. You should only decide to file an appeal after consulting with your attorney, weighing your options, and thinking about what you feel is best for you.